Hi There!

I am Eleftheria, or you can call me Elfie.

I am from Greece, and currently, I live and work in Zurich, Switzerland.

My journey started in Athens, Greece, where I studied Physiotherapy.

Very active and passionate about sports but also very interested in human body injuries and pain, I followed the path of physiotherapy and alternative therapies. My working experience helped me develop an interest in coaching after years of treating people with acute and chronic injuries, pain, and stress caused by chronic pain and disabilities. I have realized that patients can adapt better when I coach them on dealing with their injuries as a whole rather than just doing a rehabilitation exercise plan. That is why I decided to expand my knowledge and study more about Health, Wellness, and Life coaching. I strongly believe in a holistic approach in every aspect.

Live and work in Qatar, was a stepping stone for my career. I worked for Aspetar, the first Specialized Orthopedic and sports medicine hospital in the gulf region, FIFA accredited research reference center.

Dealing with elite athletes in sports is a challenge. It’s not only about their rehabilitation after an injury but also their well-being.

As Diogenes, an ancient Greek philosopher, once said:

“Healthy mind, in a healthy body.”

My goal is to guide people to find the right path and help them understand and adopt a mindset that will ease their daily lives, either when it comes to injury, pain, stress, and anxiety or even if they want to improve their health habits. Working with elite athletes, I found goal setting and focus as the key to achieving and pursuing any goal and dream.

Moreover, now, under the pandemic. Helping and encouraging each other is more important than ever before. We humans indeed have great potential to adapt to stressful situations, but we are still humans and sometimes need support.

I have lived and worked in four different countries in Europe and the Middle East, and I realised that people have the exact needs, no matter where they are coming from. Support, understanding, encouragement.

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